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Wash & Dry

Luxury wash down...

The wash down facilities take the effort and frustration out of providing usable wash down facilities 'all year round'.  Fully plumbed and frost protected, the facility features a 7 kW flow, temperature and time controlled hot or cold wash shower with both 'overhead arm' wash gun and 'ground' level wash gun with hose.

Luxury dry down...

6 kW of Infra red (IR) heat arranged overhead and controlled via timer as well as individually switched IR heat lamps delivers sufficient heat to dry and groom in style!

The little details that make the difference...

The devil is always in the detail.  We leave nothing to chance...

  • Concrete floor with run to centre drainage and soak away (concealed beneath top surface)

  • Orbik mat top surface...​

    • 12 x 1000 mm x 1500 mm mats

    • 22 mm thick

    • Orbik 'hole' design to allow good underfoot drainage

    • Natural rubber​ (NR/SBR)

    • Anti slip

    • Anti fatigue

    • Hard wearing

  • 10 arm rug rack

  • Individual 'wash bay' saddle, bridal & rug rack

  • Various cross ties throughout bay

  • Various hooks throughout bay

  • Wash & Dry preparation & storage area

    • Preparation surface​

    • Storage shelves

    • Storage drawers

  • Microwave presence detectors (2)

  • Interior LED lighting

  • Exterior LED lighting

  • Exterior mounted First aid kit

  • Exterior mounted Fire extinguisher

  • Exterior mounted retractable hose reel, hose & gun

  • Electrical & safety

    • Parlour safety cut out

      • Manual​

      • Timed (no presence)

    • Locally switched power ON / OFF

    • Rotary 'WET', 'DRY' or 'OFF' settings

    • 'Wet' flow, temperature and timer control

    • 'Dry' lamp control

      • Timed​

      • Individual manual switched on / off over ride

    • Heat resistant roof lining

    • System 'live' lamp

    • CCTV

Wet & Dry grooming:

In & Out

Our wet & dry grooming facility is a 22ft x 12ft indoor grooming parlour featuring 'in & out' gated access, premium floor and wall matting / lining, with 'run to centre' drainage & soak away.

The facility uses ceiling mounted microwave presence sensors which enable both power and lighting to the facility

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