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Courtyard accomodation block
Exterior features...

Each stable features managed (passive infra red) exterior lighting.  This alongside further Courtyard lighting provides secure Courtyard floodlighting for all our guests and their visitors

A source of power is provided at the exterior of each stable

Interior stable lighting is managed from an exterior mounted timer controlled switch.  Light status is indicated via a flush mounted LED indicator


Exterior mounted twin rug rack & tie ring

Combination padlocks with key over-ride should access to any stable be required


The Courtyard features 2 x 'National Stables' 36 ft x 12 ft units each providing 3 x 12 ft x 12 ft stables (6 individual stables in total) arranged around a Courtyard setting. 


Each stable features...

  • Tanalised treated CLS framing

  • Steel brackets

  • Shiplap cladding

  • An exterior finish in Seasoned Oak

  • Black 'Onduline' roofing

  • Top & Bottom stable doors

  • Stable window

  • Canopy

  • 4" half round guttering

  • Louvered ventilation

  • Heavy duty & galvanised fully adjustable hinges

  • Heavy duty galvanised door furniture

  • 15" Lower door chew strip

  • 1/2" (12 mm) OBS kick boards to 4 ft (1.2 m)

Light, switch & Power
Automatic drinkers

The use of heavy duty bedding is intended to reduce the amount of bedding, dust levels & bedding waste

Each stable features a supply of fresh water provided via an automatic drinker with guard

Similarly, each stable features a 130 litre, robust wall mounted hay rack.

Stable security...


The safety & security of our guests is of the upmost importance.  In support of this, each stable is equipped with individually addressed HD security cameras. 


Stable cameras feature...

  • 24 / 7 / 365 round the clock 'always on' operation

  • HD camera technology

  • Night vision

  • A camera feed to a network video recorder (NVR) which buffers camera feeds for search and playback where necessary

Stable security cameras are strategically positioned to monitor traffic at the stable door.  They additionally provide visibility to the majority of the stable

Owners choosing to Livery @ Bullens Hill are provided with secure access to their individual stable camera which they can access via the internet.

Furthermore, the NVR forms part of the wider security system at Bullens Hill.  This features dedicated flat panel monitors that display all cameras in operation 24 / 7 / 365.  Whilst the flat panel monitors are unmanned the Livery owners aim to offer additional peace of mind by keeping an watchful eye on all our guests!

Interior features...

Our stables feature concrete flooring with side channel drainage throughout.


The health & welfare of our guests is of the highest importance.  With this in mind and in addition to 12 mm OBS Kick boards, stable walls are lined in a 10 mm plain black closed cell EVA sheet...

  • Heavy density cushioned foam

  • Patterned finish

  • Non-toxic

  • Non-absorbent (will not retain moisture)

  • Help reduce dust / have respiratory benefits

  • Provide good impact resistance

  • Offers additional sound & temperature insulation

  • Chew strip protection

Stable bedding is of the highest quality.  Soft yet resilient and featuring...

  • 17mm thick & hardwearing rubber

  • 6 ft x 4 ft in size (6 per stable)

  • Anti-slip

  • Anti-fatigue

  • Non-organic to slow the proliferation of bacteria

  • Grooved

  • Removable (however each stable mat weighs circa 45 kg)

Accomodation CCTV
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