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Driveway through BHF

The Livery @ Bullens Hill

The location:


Two miles from Guildford's idyllic High Street and just one mile from the A3, the Livery @ Bullens Hill offers a 15 acre countryside setting in a convenient easy to reach location that's also supported by fantastic transport links. 


The Livery @ Bullens Hill forms part of Bullens Hill Farm where the owners permanently reside and from where they manage and oversee the Livery.


Bullens Hill is located on Stringers Common and adjacent both Whitmoor & Rickford Commons.  The Commons comprise of heath-land pockets that are surrounded by woodland, which vary in content from Scots pine and Birch coppice to secondary oak & birch.  The commons are the largest areas of open heath-land in the Guildford area providing riders with easy access to local or long distance riding alike.


The facilities:


The Livery:

Set back from any road, the livery comprises 15 acres of grassland and a centrally located Stable Courtyard.


Fully surrounded and secured with newly erected post & rail fencing, the grassland boundary features dense shrubs and trees providing both privacy and security.  The grassland is internally arranged using additional and newly erected post & rail fencing into 6 x 1 acre, 2 x 2 acre and 1 x 5 acre grassland paddocks.  Each paddock has internal field gate access as well as a supply of fresh water and large water drinking troughs.

The Stable Courtyard is centrally positioned whereas the owners residence is set back and prominently positioned atop Bullens Hill.  Land management is carried out by the owners including land rotation management,  harrowing, topping (when necessary), vacuuming (poo picking) as well as the lands general upkeep.

Access to Stringers Common is provided from the livery boundary via a secure field gate

Stable Courtyard:

Newly constructed in 2017, the livery comprises 'National Stable' stable blocks arranged 'courtyard style' alongside an indoor hot wash & dry grooming facility and a full service tack room.  The Courtyard features full indoor and outdoor CCTV, Courtyard floodlighting, dedicated and floodlit Livery parking as well as Courtyard mounted first aid & fire extinguishers.


The Courtyard features secure drive in / drive out field gates for animal movements on or off the Livery whereas daily access to the Courtyard is via a 'kissing gate' to assure the Courtyard remains secure at all times.

In keeping with its countryside setting, the level courtyard is of grass construction with an innovative rubber mat, steel mesh, and irrigated aggregate sub layer, designed to offer the ideal 'natural' yet 'practical' Courtyard setting.


Each is a newly constructed 'National Stables' 12ft x 12ft stable with premier facilities including a concrete floor with floor edge irrigation, premium floor & wall rubber matting / lining, automatic water drinkers, wall mounted feeders, switched / timed interior lighting (exterior located switch), exterior power, various ties, rug rack and an interior stable CCTV camera (see CCTV).

Wet & Dry grooming facility:

The hot & cold wet & dry grooming facility is a 22ft x 12ft indoor grooming parlour featuring 'in & out' gated access, premium floor and wall matting / lining, run to centre drainage with soak away, various ties, a 7kW flow controlled hot wash shower, overhead arm wash gun, ground level wash gun and hose, 6kW of Infra red (IR) heat arranged overhead and controlled via timer as well as individually switched IR lamps (4), grooming facility lighting and an interior CCTV camera.

The grooming facilities is arranged with safety in mind.  It therefore features both a locally / easily accessible 'Emergency power down' button as well as a timed 'no occupancy' power down feature.  Both isolate the incoming power to the hot wash & dry equipment.

'Full service' Tack room:

In addition to providing secure storage for tack, facilities include hot & cold running water, kettle, fridge, microwave, storage cupboard and a counter preparation area.  There's ample power and USB charging points for phones etc as well as WiFi via an access password.  Both internal & external CCTV cameras monitor the tack room at all times.

Outside and adjacent the Tack room, an eight seat farm style table and chairs provides a place to take a break and there's a parasol and a heat lamp to combat inclement weather.


Dedicated livery WC facilities are located at Bullens Hill Farm

Livery Equipment:

The livery possesses a medium sized tractor with front loader / bucket and rear PTO to drive equipment, an all terrain 4 x 4 vehicle, harrow, topper and vacuum used year round for grassland / courtyard land management.

The Courtyard further features an array of mucking out equipment and there's a dedicated bay adjacent the courtyard for waste management.


Security is a major investment and feature at Bullens Hill where no fewer than 23 CCTV cameras are in constant use.  These range from short range wide angle cameras inside stables, the grooming parlour and tack room to long range pan tilt and zoom cameras used to overview the courtyard, surrounding grassland and access points. 


All CCTV cameras are full colour, high definition and feature a 30 metre night vision capability.  Cameras are configured for either motion 'trigger' recording or continuous recording to a dedicated and large capacity  network video recorder located at Bullens Hill Farm.

In addition to internet access to CCTV live streams (available to anybody provided with access), the livery owners monitor the CCTV system from dedicated flat panel monitors located within their private residence. 


CCTV recordings are stored and backed up for significant periods of time providing a useful source of intelligence should the need arise.

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